Mental Health Hotline

In-the-moment support and advocacy from licensed mental health counselors, around the clock

The Mental Health Hotline provides you with unlimited access to experienced clinical professionals for immediate support and expert guidance to ongoing care.

Every year, millions of people with a mental health concern struggle to find timely and effective care. Nearly half of adults and children living with mental health conditions in the United States go without any treatment at all.

We are pleased to announce the Mental Health Hotline is available to provide you with support and advocacy when you need it, for a variety of common issues and concerns.

Immediate Support

A licensed clinician, or Care Advocate, answers 24/7/365 when you call for assistance with work-related pressures, depression, stress, anxiety, grief, relationship problems, substance abuse or other emotional health concerns.


In addition to immediate care, Care Advocates can provide guidance to the ideal provider or facility for concerns that require ongoing treatment.


Mental health hotline can be seamlessly integrated with the other components of a client’s population health management strategy.